OK Dems, Here's The Plan You've Been Waiting For

Concerned that democracy might fall? Seeing signs that radicalized white Christians might turn our democracy into a theocracy?

Are you asking questions or expressing frustrations like: Where is the strategy? Why don't the Democrats fix the messaging? Where are the steps they want us to take? What issues are we supposed to focus on?

These complaints about Democratic leadership have been top of mind. I've heard countless friends complain about the lack of direction we're getting from the party. Where's the punch in the language and the punch in actions from the left and center?

So here's the thing. They aren't going to give us the strategy, messaging, and direction we'd like. They work for us, not the other way around. We need to make up the plan, start the actions. We're the majority, we're on the right side of history, and we have the brains and the brawn to do it. Let's go.

Stop waiting for instructions and start taking initiative. It feels great.

I started doing things on my own rather than waiting for a set of instructions and it's like weight lifted from my shoulders. I have a new sense of hope in my outlook for the country.  

Spend your time doing something that can help prevent the fall of democracy. Waiting for instructions and criticizing Democratic leadership doesn't fix things. Save criticisms for the right time. Now is the time for all-hands-on-deck-in-unity-to-save-democracy. Point arrows outside the tent until we get the house in order. Join hands with anyone fighting for the constitution, the rule of law, and our freedom.

Here's a partial list of what I'm doing. Feel free to use it, or make up your own. Stop waiting, start acting.

  • Join a group or two. When you start getting information regularly, it can help you decide where you want to focus your energy and resources and introduce you to people and opportunities.
  • Show up live for webinars and in person. Nothing is more important than physically showing our majority at work. Remember those MAGA rallies? A big part of their success was making the movement seem like it was a bigger than it is. Get your butt in seats at webinars, rallies, protests, planning sessions and elsewhere to learn and to help others see the power of our numbers.
  • Speak up. Don't let your crazy uncle's MAGA comment go unchallenged - push back immediately. That goes for Facebook, Twitter, Insta, TikTok as well. Don't lurk. Come out of the closet and start liking and sharing. Be heard.
  • Create a solution. Have an idea for a website or an app to help save democracy? Talk to a friend who might be able to help. Have a Meme you think will undermine the Tucker Carlson or another bad actor? Put it out on Facebook and see if it sticks.
  • Donate some $$. Sick of being asked for $$? Me too. Get over it. Give what you can to help democrats, independents, and sane republicans win seats at all levels of government. Now is the time to dig deep.
  • Fly the Flag - Rabid right-wing traitors want to change the meaning of the American flag. When I saw a flag I started associating it with MAGA. Don't let them co-opt our symbol of freedom and change its meaning. Fly the flag. We're the patriots, not them. Defend democracy, the constitution, and the rule of law and proudly show it. It's our flag of freedom. Take it back.

Want ideas for groups to join, things to attend, and people to follow? Here are some of my current favorites:

  • Politics Girl - Fantastic, spot-on political commentary that is informative and gives me ideas of what I can do. Find it here.
  • Lincoln project - Good webinars and other content and actions you can take. Find it here.
  • Atheist.org - They are fighting the good fight to keep church and state separate. Find it here.
  • Take Back The Court - Don't think it's possible? Guess what. It is. Information. Webinars. Actions. Find it here.
  • The Union - Want to put your skills to use? This group can connect you with pro-democracy organizations that need your help. Find it here.
  • Country First - We vote entirely differently, but Adam Kinzinger's group is doing the right thing in bringing a broad group of people together to save democracy. We need to align with others who want to prevent authoritarian rule. Find it here.
  • Voter Protection Project - If you like Adam Kinzinger's group, you might like this one too. It focuses on left of center candidates. Find it here.